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Default Re: Boxster Register Car Badge ready for ordering

So.....last night after my post here about the seemingly high shipping cost, I sent off a short email to Vu at PCA headquarters (at 11pm Central time). Of course I wasn't expecting any kind of immediate response, due to the lateness of the evening. Lo and behold, however, Vu responded to me within 10-15 minutes, with the message that he would check into the situation and asked me to "stand by".
Well, at 7:15 this evening, I received an email from Charlotte, the Member Services Manager at PCA National, containing the following message:
"The Boxster Register badge was entered incorrectly in the webstore regarding weight (for shipping). This has been corrected and everyone who ordered the badge will receive a refund shortly. I appreciate you reaching out to us with your concern. We hope you like the Boxster badge."
There you have it, boys and girls. And, by the way, within a few minutes of the above message, I also received notice of a $4.44 partial refund applied to my credit card.

I would just like to convey my thanks to Vu and the entire PCA National staff for the attention and customer service they supply to the membership. THANK YOU, PCA!!!
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