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Default Re: Boxster Register Car Badge ready for ordering

Quote: Originally Posted by leelich View Post
Just ordered mine - will mount it on driver side windscreen mesh, proudly next to my PCA badge. I have Cayman Register and Chicago Region badges on the passenger side. By the time the Boca Raton Parade rolls around, I may have also mounted a couple more badges - 2005 Hershey Parade (50th Parade) and 2008 Charlotte Parade (60 years of Porsche). Good thing I don't AX any more, as the additional weight of all these metal badges would be a severe disadvantage.

After all of the time and effort John has expended on this project, for which I'm sure we are all extremely appreciative, the only disappointing part of this transaction is that the PCA webstore is adding $10.94 for UPS Ground shipping. I'd like to know how the shipping charge can end up so high (39% of item price).
It costs more to Montana, $11.56! Like in Casablanca, "carrying charges my boy, carrying charges......"
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