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User Groups

User Groups allow you to tailor the content that you'll see and the appearance of your user name. Maybe you've see some members who's username appears Bold, or other's that appear in a different color. This is telling you that they are a member of a user group. Some User Groups are public, meaning you can join them at any time (example: 'Zone 1 - 13' groups). Others are private, meaning you can only be placed in that group by a moderator (example: 'Boxster Owners' or 'PCA National Officers'). Here are some of the different styles you may see:

  • Bold Italic Red denotes the Boxster Register Advocate
  • Bold Red denotes a user is an Administrator
  • Light Red denotes a user is a Moderator
  • Bold Italic Burgundy denotes a member is a PCA official of some sort
  • Italic Burgundy denotes a member is a Past Boxster Register Advocate
  • Bold Blue denotes a Registered Boxster Owner
  • Light Blue denotes a basic registered member of the Boxster Register
  • Bold Purple denotes a member of a local Zone group
  • Light Green denotes users waiting email confirmation
  • Bold Green denotes users waiting final registration approval

You can only be identified by one group, and by default everyone is identified as a 'Registered Member' of the Boxster Register. You can change the group by which you are identified by using the User Control Panel.

Once in the User CP, look for the 'Group Memberships' in the left hand navigation window.

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